Life sciences

Ryszard Jarża Translations is one of the few companies to offer medical device translation services certified for compliance with the ISO 13485 standard and supported by the unique in-house competencies in the areas of biomedical engineering, biotechnology and clinical trials.

Our employees have industry experience and/or postgraduate qualifications, and the company founder himself, Ryszard Jarża, is a biomedical engineering graduate from Wrocław University of Technology. Our company’s advisory team is made up of faculty members of Polish universities, including professionals with PhD degrees and professorships.

We translate technical and user documentation of medical devices, medical software user interfaces, as well as related marketing content. We have many years of experience in translating clinical trials documents.

Nearly all translations in these fields are validated in Poland by experts appointed by the client. We work constructively together with validators and we always do our best to ensure that the validation process brings the greatest added value to the current project and all subsequent ones.

We employ risk management practices and follow transparent, third-party certified processes. Considering the upcoming MDR and IVDR rules, our value proposition is of particular interest to manufacturers and importers of medical devices, as well as authorised representatives.