The translation of marketing content presents a huge challenge to translators, translation process coordination teams, and also customers requesting translation. In nine out of ten cases “faithful and correct” translations will come under heavy fire from readers in the target country, despite the fact that formally it will meet all the quality requirements. A good marketing translation is text written from scratch in the target language, which conveys specific information (e.g. technical data) and presents an image of a global or foreign brand. It should also appeal to readers in target cultural settings.

Few companies in Poland provide such translations. We are one of them. We are confident of that, because for more than a decade we have been translating web pages and marketing content for leading IT, automotive and electrotechnical companies. And for over ten years every piece of our translations has been reviewed before publication and subjectively assessed by professionals appointed by the customer. That is why we know what appeals to our customers, and in turn, their customers.

Marketing translations are often an operational challenge too. Translations needed ASAP, source texts edited after the translation has commenced, contradictory opinions about parts of submitted translations — this is our daily reality. We would not be able to manage these challenges without impeccable work organisation and the motivation to cooperate with marketing specialists, creative editors, project managers and others involved in marketing campaigns.